If I Were A Politician...

  * I'd raise the minimum wage and disability pay to $15.00 an hour.
This would give people a real living wage and open up options for families so that a parent could stay home with their children and have more time to be involved in their communities. This would also stimulate the economy because people would be able to afford to buy a house, fix up their house, buy a new car, spend more money on recreation and shopping.
* Set up a plan for inflation raises to the minimum wage yearly.
This would ensure that the minimum wage would continue to provide a livable, fair wage that supports our economy.
* Improve the appeal for tourism in our communities.
This would help to stimulate the economy drawing people locally, nationally, and internationally.
* End the occupation of the middle east and set up back up forces in neighboring ally countries.
This would cut down dramatically on the cost of the war to our strained economy and possibly relieve some tension between middle eastern countries and the United States.
* Change the income tax to 10% flat for everyone.
This is a fair amount and an extra 15% or so every month for struggling families is a lot. This would stimulate the economy because more people would have more of their money to spend and the rich might in the end pay more taxes with a lower percentage rate.
* Set up ways for the federal government to raise money for extra expenses instead of raising taxes.
This would put less of a strain on lower income families and would draw people together in an act of patriotism for their country.
* Balance the trade deficit.
Set up a department to be responsible for making our trade as equal as possible; importing only as much as we export. This would create millions of jobs in the United States.
* Balance outsourcing.
Set up a department to manage outsourced jobs and ensure that we aren't outsourcing more jobs than are being outsourced to us....

Have some more ideas? I'd love to hear them, leave a comment!

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