Alternative Energy

We are frequently reminded on television news shows of the growing number of problems with gas and oil: rising prices, environmental impacts, conflicts in the middle east...  What progress is being made in alternative energies? What can we as individuals do to encourage the transition from gas and oil to more sustainable domestic sources? Probably one of our largest areas of consumption of oil and gas is our automobiles. Gas mileage has been climbing on a wide variety of automobiles but why at such a slow pace? Electric automobiles look very appealing but to use them affectively in a large market what roadblocks stand in our way? At this point in time there has been a lot of disscussion about our structural deficiencies: roads, bridges, dams, levees, etc. Perhaps alternative energies could be worked into this area as well, particularly dams and levees, why not incorporate hydro-electric plants into the replacement or repair of structurally deficient dams and levees?

Also look for ways that you can use alternative energy at home:

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