Politics or Greed

A thought like this comes to mind after watching how political candidates treat each other like tabloid journalists. Campaign funds are being raised by shady lobbying, out of the pockets of the richer political candidates, and from large corporate donations. It seems that there may not be any way that running for political office could be an equal opportunity. It's not money that makes a leader, it's the determination and strength of character that makes a leader. Did our founding father's, when they wrote our Constitution, intend for only wealthy men or men who are good at raising money to be elected into our government offices? Or did they intend for any man to be able run for government office that could show he listened to the people and had their best interests at heart and would do everything he could to see that the people he represented were truly represented by him? How could we take the money out of government elections and bring back a true competition, a true debate over who would best REPRESENT the people they serve?

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