Political Priorities?

I have been trying to follow the media in the candidacy for president. Mostly we hear about strong opinions in opposition to abortion and pregnancy prevention and many other things that don't seem to be of the utmost importance. What about the growing number and severity of so many other needs and problems today? Do these particular issues really carry more weight than a frightening number of unemployed, a minimum wage that is increasingly providing people with less of their basic needs, a tragic backlog in providing care for veterans, the disabled, and an ever growing population of aging Americans?  American manufacturing jobs from cars to appliances to household goods seem to be decreasing everyday. Going shopping and buying American made products used to be a source of great pride but now it seems difficult just to find American made products...I ask of you to ask yourself these questions (and many more..why is the U.S. in so much debt, why can't we enforce our own border laws...) and may you have the courage to change the things you can.

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