Health Care

Why not make health insurance providers, doctors and hospitals, pharmacies and drug companies non-profit organizations?( Take the extra money they make and reinvest in patient care, expansion of services, and lower costs for medical care, etc.) This would perhaps solve the problem of medical care not being affordable and also would cut down significantly on greed driven practices. Along with this all compensation, monetary or gifts,  currently given to doctors by drug companies should be completely banned. This would help with the cost of medications, the newest most expensive drugs would no longer be the first choice of many doctors. Doctors being persuaded to prescribe certain drugs is very unfair to the patient. As a patient you are probably not interested in the drug that has the most monetary benefits for your doctor but the drug that will best treat your particular health problem.

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  1. i agree that doctors should not be allouud to recieve money, gifts or vacations for prescibing meds. and that doctors should prescribe meds. that are best for you and and not because it will benifet the doctor.